Okay, you know what though, fuck this gif response. Piper’s sexuality is beautifully portrayed as fluid and label-less, and for her that works. I really identify with Piper’s character, and I do not feel that the bisexual label represents me. I understand that bi-invisibility is an issue, but I don’t think that was the intent of this character; Piper’s character is meant to represent the fluidity of sexuality without identification. There is no need to staple a label onto a character who is trying to exemplify the complexities of sexual attraction and love. It’s perfectly summed up in her brothers quote; why does she have to be exactly anything? Why does she need to identify?

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Nobody gives the black girl mob credit for being smart as fuck. They clown but at the end of the day they are really intelligent.

And it’s not subtle at all.
Taystee is a math prodigy in addition to being well-read, Poussey is multilingual, Cindy just knows shit, Suzanne studies Shakespeare, Watson was a good student in addition to being a track star, Vee is basically an evil genius. Piper often learns the most from them; they taught her how to fight and helped translate Pennsatucky’s biblical threat.
The show flat out acknowledges the (academic) intelligence of the black inmates time and time again, but the audience collectively ignores it.


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this is the funniest fucking interview i have ever seen

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Actresses Dascha Polanco, Samira Wiley, Yael Stone, Matt McGorry, Barbara Rosenblat and Danielle Brooks attend the New York City Pride March on June 29, 2014 in New York City

I want to be thereeeeeeee

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I pick him. I pick Larry." - Piper Chapman


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Mark my words, I might be something someday.


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